Baseball & Softball Practice

Let’s talk about Practice!  The great thing about Baseball and Softball is that there is no size requirement.  You can be great at the sport no matter how big or small you are.  But in order to be great, you must Practice!  Some people say Baseball/Softball is the toughest sport to play because of the multiple skill requirements of hitting, fielding, throwing and catching.  You need continuous repetition in order to master these skills.  It can be as simple as having a catch with your child on a daily basis.  Throw and catch 100 balls each day with them, you will be amazed at the improvement after a few weeks. 


At the Hitting Academy, we have multiple batting cages in order to practice your swings, improve your hand/eye coordination and most importantly, build your confidence.  We recommend taking 300 swings per week in order to help improve your hitting skills.  Each batting cage round at The Hitting Academy is 150 pitches and we can adjust the speeds from 35mph up to 75mph.  From a parents perspective, hitting in the batting cages is the most efficient way to get your child’s work in without chasing balls all over a field or killing your arm trying to pitch 150 times.  If you’re looking to improve you child’s skills, come and visit us at our indoor facility.  We have everything available to help your child achieve success on the field.  And remember, keep on Practicing!

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Travel Baseball & Softball

We get asked a lot by parents…when should my child start Travel Baseball or Softball?  The best answer I can give you….when your child starts to get bored with the competition at the local little league. 

There are a lot of benefits to playing in the local recreational leagues….lower costs, close proximity to where you live and a sense of community.  But if your child is no longer being challenged by the practices or games, then it’s time to look for the right travel team. 

The benefits of travel baseball are….more competitive players, better coaches and better practices (most of the time).  But don’t rush the process.  Enjoy your time at the recreational level. 

In my opinion, don’t start travel ball until at least 9 years old.  There should still be enough competition in the younger age groups to have fun and expand your child’s knowledge of the game.  Plus you can compete in All-Stars at the end of the spring season and represent your local league! 

Once you decide to transition to travel ball, do your research to find the right team!  Feel free to ask us about the travel teams in the area, we can help point you in the right direction!!

travel baseball team

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At The Hitting Academy, we use Iron Mike pitching machines for our automated batting cages.  We love these machines because it’s the closest simulation to real pitching that a batter can see. 

But what is also great about these pitching machines is that they can bounce the pitches to accommodate Cricket players. 


Cricket is a very popular sport in our area and we have many Cricket players that come in to practice their swings off of the Iron Mike pitching machines. 

The speeds range from 40mph up to 75mph.  We use the same leather balls that a baseball player would hit and we can adjust the bounce depending on your preference.  If you are a Cricket player looking to get in some additional practice, come and check out our indoor facility. 

Mention this blog and your first round will be complimentary!

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Baseball & Softball Instruction

When it comes to baseball and softball instruction, we hear this phrase so many times….“my son or daughter won’t listen to me”.  That’s because your child views you as a parent, not an instructor.  It’s no different than sending your child to school to learn.  They will listen and absorb better from a trained professional.  Having someone else train your child in baseball and softball also takes out the frustration you may have trying to instruct your own son or daughter.  At The Hitting Academy, we welcome the parents to sit in and observe the private lessons.  It’s important that you understand how your child is being trained and to keep the instruction consistent when you practice with them outside of the lessons.  Remember, this is an investment in your child’s baseball and softball skills.  When you see them flourish on the field, you will appreciate the time and effort you put in to prepare them for those moments. 

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